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Peanut butter and watermelon sammiches.

Want to know what’s annoying? People who turn their cell phones all the way up on some loud, annoying, high-pitched ring that vibrates at exactly the same frequency as your last nerve, and then put on headphones and turn them up so loud they can’t hear their phone ringing. Couple that with people who are as popular as stupidity, and voila. Instant annoyance.

I haven’t forgotten about blogging, but my computer broke. That, and the whole being forced to move thing. I wish I could say my new place was better, but I can’t. It might be, if it weren’t for all the stuff that’s bad about it. Like, doors falling off hinges, no hot water, broken fridges, roaches, ants, and spiders, an immortal foul smell, sticky cabinets, dining room ceilings that leak, neighbors who use my door as an ashtray, a maintence man who is extremely confident in his stupidity and a landlord who blames everything that’s wrong with my apartment on the Indians who live upstairs.

At least we have a brand new washer and dryer. They work because we bought them ourselves. If they ever fix the hot water, we can wash clothes on something other than cold, too.

I really don’t mind the place. I really like the location. The carpets are the kind of carpets that you are scared to lay down on and that make you want to walk around barefoot. The over all size is bigger, and I’m sure it’ll clean up nice once we unpack everything. I’m just greatly annoyed by what has happened so far.

On that note, I gotta go. I could stay here and type all day, but I have work to do.

p.s. Halo 2 is eVil…. and addictive.

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