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This was originally written May 25th, but didn’t post for some reason:

Seems I don’t get a lot of time to write these days. Something about
having a 15 month old baby, a job that works me to death, and a dirty
house that always needs cleaning. I guess that’s life, eh?

I could rant about a lot of stuff. My full disillusionment at working
for NASA might be one, for example. About how it doesn’t matter how
good you are at your job, or how bad other people are, but rather how
much butt you kiss and who you went to high school with. I could rant
about how people want me to admit that somehow it’s my fault that
someone would stand and scream obscenities at me. I could rant about
how hard it is to continue working here knowing that there is someone
in management actively trying to push me down. Yeah, I could rant
about that, but what’s the point? It is what it is, and at the end of
the day, I decided to stick it out for a while. At least until I can
sell my house without taking a loss on it, so there. We’ll reevaluate
my options when I actually have an option.

Brianna is doing good. great, actually, other than the occasionally
sickness like we have now. (transmittable eye infections suck, btw.)
She’s growing more and more every day and is working on cutting her
sixth tooth now. She occasionally says random words to keep us on our
toes, but then won’t repeat them. like applesauce or astronaut. She
finally has hair. It’s growing in, and she has a little curl in the
back. One little curl. :) She got started on her terrible two type
fits about a month ago, and man, she’s getting good at them. It’s
brought up lots of interesting questions, like disciplining a 15 month
old. What’s the best way to do it? I recommended duct tape and a
ceiling fan, but I was vetoed. We toss the sanity stick back and forth
around here, and it was Deedee’s turn to have it.

Considering teaching martial arts for the city of pearland. That would
be interesting. More on that if it actually happens. Which I doubt it

oh, I’m also no longer on the HOA board of directors. I’m not really
heartbroken about that. It was quite stressful. The job itself, not so
much, but dealing with all of the personal attacks that come with it,
yes. Maybe I’ll try again later.

Also, I miss my family. Got to see my nephew Conner a couple of weeks
ago. He’s something else. Growing up fast, too. I’d love to be there
for him, and to have Brianna grow up with him. and yet, I’m stuck here
in Texas. (see earlier comment about not having options). and yet, I
don’t really have anything to do in Memphis. Maybe I could get a job
working at Abner’s. That’d get me a good, $7 – $8/hour. Enough to
raise two kids on, right?

ok, time to go. hopefully won’t be as long between entries. maybe…

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