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so I’d like to announce an open casting call for this summer’s RPG. I’m thinking I want to run a D20 modern game. Fairly simple concept: it’s d20 system set in the modern world. You can be anything that people can be. soldiers, doctors, laywers, criminals, teachers, engineers, mechanics, get the idea? There are no “classes” like fighter, druid, etc… there are classes based on stats, i.e. str = strong hero, dex = fast hero, con = tough hero, wis = dedicated hero, int = smart hero, and chr = charismatic hero. and multiclassing is highly encouraged, as there are absolutely no penalties. There are no alignments. The idea is much like the real world. none of us are lawful good 100% of the time. And very few of us completely rely on only one aspect of our person, such as only strength, to get us through life.

I’d like to see how many people would be interested in this type of campaign. Please email me if you are interested in playing, or if you have a character idea, we can go ahead and start to develop it. The more we get developed ahead of time, the more we time we can spend playing this summer.

If there’s no support for d20 modern, but people still want to play, we can switch back to something more traditional like 3rd ed set in Odoraloc, maybe?

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