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did you know that my sex life is what defines me as a grown up woman? yeah, I didn’t know that either until msn told me.

karate was fun tonight… there were only two of us, so we got to decide on what we wanted to do… and we both wanted to do unrehearsed, unscripted, unchoreographed self defense… so we did… and it was good… I mean, this is stuff we did at green belt back at Mr. Blackstones… but apparently here you have to have a self defense technique in mind to defend yourself… did you know the first degree blackbelts up there can’t defend themselves unless they know ahead of time what attack is coming at them? It’s downright embarassing… I digress… tonight, Sue and I did “improvised” self defense… Basically, we did modified one steps. One attack, unknown until it gets there. Mr. Brown did limit the type of attacks into groups, and we had to stay in one group at a time: grabs, pushes, hugs/holds, locks, punches, kicks. punches and kicks I did ok on, but pushes, I just ruled. The whole point is to not be where the push is when it gets there… and I just throughly enjoyed stepping off line and making sue run into some random punch, kick, or knee… I even worked in spinning strikes… ok, so everything else I did was pretty stiff… it’s been a while since I’ve done mod 1 steps, but for a few minutes there, I felt like my old self again…

Quote of the Day (beware of corn growing out of your computer)

“A house without a toilet is just… uncanny” – Sue

and speaking of houses… am I just being my normal foolish self thinking I should buy a house? I’m getting a lot of mixed feedback… Originally I got positive responses from my parents, which I valued greatly… Even my dad thought it was a good idea… and he never likes any of my ideas… Jessica hinted today that I’m shooting too high. I don’t want to buy a run down piece of crap house, and every house I’ve looked at that I like is between $91K-$95K. There’s one house I like that’s only $83.9K, but other than that, most of the ones below 90K are old, falling apart, too small, and/or just plain ugly. I’d rather rent an apartment than get one of those, but then I’m just throwing money away, and it’s not that much more to buy a house… even an expensive one, given the low interest rates… oh well… maybe I’m just doing what I normally do, and try to live above my means, as someone once told me. ………………….

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