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my roommates are in the other room planning something to do with/to me… and occasionally I hear this evil laughter coming from the room… I’m worried… the fact that they shut the door so I wouldn’t hear what they are planning scares me even more. I guess we’ll see what happens…

my life… kinda sucks right now. I have a lot to do and not much time to do it… and instead of doing it, I get on here and complain about not having enough time to do it…. I am a master procrastinator… the fact that I have a brand new 12 string Fender guitar sitting right here isn’t helping… No, it’s not mine… I’m still broke. It’s my mother’s, but she doesn’t get it for another 2 weeks. Found it on sale up here for way too cheap, so I told her about it and she bought it. It doesn’t have a case, so it has to wait and come home with me in two weeks… but until then, it’s a brand new guitar sitting less than 6 feet away.

I miss Deedee.

My house was sold. I’ve been looking at houses for sale in Po’Dunk (pronounced Starkville). I had three picked out that I liked, two that were within my immediate price range, and one that I really liked… Well, the one I really liked sold today… and the other one I liked that was within my price range was taken off the market. joy… I still need at least one roommate, though. Anyone want to move to starkville and rent a room in my house?

also, does anyone want to drive to boulder just to help me carry stuff back to memphis? my car’s too small and a trailer is too expensive and would slow me down too much. we can go to six flags and hang out and go up into the mountains and then drive 18 hours back to memphis??? doesn’t that sound like fun?

here’s a thought… does anyone have any videos they want transferred to DVD? I thought it would be cool to transfer all my family’s home videos to DVD this summer, but that would require a DVD burner, and that would require money. But if there were a couple of people who wanted it done and were willing to pay a few dollars each, then maybe I could get one and recoup a small portion of money by burning DVDs for people. I have a nice labeler, so they’d be very professional looking and stuff…

someone should make a candle or air freshener that is the exact scent of juniper right after a rain.

ok, I’m in random mode… I have a bunch I wanted to say and can’t think of it, so I’m just looking around my room hoping I’ll remember something. but I can’t. so I guess I’m gonna go do laundry now… and maybe play guitar… and watch tv… and talk to people… and everything else that isn’t what I’m supposed to do. Later…

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