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ok, so I haven’t updated in a while… so what’s going on in my life… let’s see…

spring break: went home, had fun with caleb and chelsea and brian… went to starkville, had lots of fun with my fiancee who I had missed very much and whom it was very nice to see for a couple of days… also ran into almost everyone I know down there, and quite a few people I didn’t know… was told I’m guarenteed admission into the MBA program there, with a very good chance at an assistantship. talked to aerospace about an assistantship (they pay more). may have an assistantship, and was also told there’s a chance I’ll be offered a guest lecturer position with the department… that would be cool… I’d be on staff with pay and benefits and stuff… went home… told caleb and chelsea I’m taking them to disney world :)

so now I’m back in the people’s republic of boulder, and I miss home. I read sinfest yesterday and today. all of it… wow, it was long. but now I’m caught up. that reminds me, I need to read Megatokyo… brb… ok, I’m back… I feel better.

I looked at houses in starkville… I’m thinking, if I get a job that pays well enough, there’s a good chance I’m going to buy a house there. It’s cheaper than renting a house! It’ll cost me $650-850 to rent a house, whereas I can buy a $80K – $110K house with monthly payments from $450-$630 with intrest rates as low as they are. and there are a couple of houses there I like the look of for less than $90K. of course, they don’t have pictures of the inside of floorplans for the houses… I could tell a lot about the house if I could just see the floor plan… oh well… the houses I’m looking at are here if anyone wants to look… I’m kinda partial to the ones on sassafras, pinoak, hemlock and walnut… what do you think?

in other news, I had a freaky dream a little while ago… I fell asleep and dreamed I was taking part in the gun fight at the ok corral. it wasn’t like a movie I had seen before, though, it was completely different. It involved shooting through walls of a barn and a bunch of other stuff that’s hard to explain. I was fighting alongside virgil earp. then he got shot. Then, moments later, his ghost tried to kill me. somehow I just knew virgil earp had came back, and then people started screaming and then became silent. I knew that he was scaring them to death. sure enough, he came around the corner and started trying to kill me… things were going badly for me, but right before I woke up, they took an upturn. I managed to wrap a piece of barb-wire around his neck… and then I woke up… weird, no?

april fools was nice… I really got my students… they about lynched me… it was cloudy, and I waited for them all to get there, and then I said, “well, today’s lab is based on the sun, and since you can’t see the sun today, everyone can go home”… I’ve never heard it so quiet in that class… they were all fixed to jump up and run when I said, “or it could be april fool’s day”… yeah, I think they might have been a little upset after that :) and I actually got both sections of my lab with that one :) the second section, someone immedately said, “really?” and I got to snap back with the line, “no… not really” :) it was fun.

umm… today’s Quote of the Week may offend some, so you have been warned, but it comes from the tv cartoon King of the Hill, and is by far the funniest thing I have ever heard come from that show. What a way to tell someone you don’t want to see them…

Quote of the Week:

Peggy: “So I’ll see you on Tuesday?”

Bill: “NO! Tuesday is my designated ass scratching day!”

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